Pantheon Is Coming to Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games is adding yet another champion to Teamfight Tactics as Pantheon makes his way into the champion pool. The recently reworked character comes crashing into the League of Legends game mode with his ultimate ability at his disposal and some traits that’ll probably come as a surprise. Pantheon will be a Guardian alongside Braum and Leona, according to a video preview of his PBE debut, and he’ll also be of the Dragon origin like Shyvana and Aurelion Sol.

The video below was shared by the official League of Legends Twitter account on Thursday to show what Pantheon is capable of. After maxing out his mana bar, Pantheon ascends into the air and comes crashing down in the form of a dragon. A description of this ability as reported by Surrender@20 indicates that Pantheon will target the enemy furthest away from the unit and will deal damage to everything in his path based on the targets’ max health. This means that Pantheon will be able to get to the backline if he survives long enough but will also be able to bust the tanks on the frontline, assuming they’re still alive as well. It was also said there that Pantheon will be a Tier 5 unit.

The surprising part about Pantheon’s Teamfight Tactics appearance comes from his Origin and Class. He’s a Guardian and a Dragon at the same time thanks to his Dragonslayer Pantheon skin he uses in the game mode. The preview video above revealed this by pairing Pantheon up with a Leona and Aurelion Sol unit which led to the team comp gaining both the Dragon and the Guardian buff.

Having both of these buffs available to a team could be a huge benefit, but getting Pantheon on the board and leveling him up could be difficult seeing how he’s a Tier 5 champion. His Dragon Origin that blocks magic damage should give him enough time to max out his mana bar and dive into the enemy team though if players manage to get a Shyvana or Aurelion Sol on the board to help him first.

Pantheon has been added to the Teamfight Tactics PBE for testing, but Riot hasn’t yet announced a release date for the champion.

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