Pathfinder 2E Playtesting Gunslinger and Inventor Classes

Paizo has released playtest rules for two new classes in Pathfinder 2E. Earlier today, Paizo announced the public playtests for the Gunslinger and Inventor classes for the new version of the popular tabletop game Pathfinder. As its name suggests, the Gunslinger class revolves around use of a firearm to attack foes, while the brand new Inventor class centers around a customizable "innovation" that players add features to over time. Each class comes with three new subclasses that add opportunities for more customization - players can choose between the Way of the Drifter, Way of the Pistolero, or the Way of the Sniper when building their Gunslinger, and can choose between an Armor, a Construct, or a Weapon as their Inventor's chosen innovation. You can check out the full playtest rules here.

The Gunslinger will likely be of particular interest to some TTRPG fans, as it was one of the more popular classes in the original version of Pathfinder. Notably, Percy from Critical Role started off as a Pathfinder Gunslinger and was later homebrewed to fit in with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules. The Pathfinder 2E Gunslinger can also be customized to work with crossbows for campaigns where firearms aren't an option.

Originally released as an alternative to Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition, Pathfinder is a fantasy roleplaying game built around player options and customization. The game competed with D&D as the top TTRPG for several years, and overhauled its gameplay with its Second Edition back in 2019. Pathfinder 2E focuses on the use of feats and character options to build unique characters, ensuring that no two character builds are exactly the same.

Unlike Dungeons & Dragons, which has focused mostly on adding new subclasses when expanding player options, Pathfinder 2E has already released four new classes since its initial release and will be releasing the Summoner and Magus class this year. If both the Gunslinger and Inventor survive playtesting, they'll be included in the Guns & Gears sourcebook, which will also include rules for siege engines, firearms, clockwork inventions, and vehicles. Guns & Gears will be released in late 2021, which means that Pathfinder 2E fans can look forward to two major sourcebooks being released this year.