New Pathfinder Sourcebook Announced

Paizo has announced a new sourcebook for Pathfinder Second Edition, detailing the Knights of Lastwall organization. Last week, Paizo announced plans to publish Lost Omens: Knights of Lastwall, a new Pathfinder sourcebook that details the Knights of Lastwall organization. Not only will the book provide detailed information on this fabled knightly order, it will also provide a new batch of player options for players, including new equipment, magic items, spells, and support for Knights of Lastwall archetypes. 

Lastwall is one of several unique countries found in Golorian, the central campaign setting of Pathfinder. The country was founded as a crusader nation dedicated to keeping the infamous Whispering Tyrant (a powerful lich-king) imprisoned in a prison located north of the country and to serve as a buffer between the Hold of Belkzen, an area known for its violent orc invasions, and several countries to the south. Lastwall was a popular part of Pathfinder lore during the game's first edition, but it's technically no longer exists. The Whispering Tyrant freed himself from his prison when the game switched over to Second Edition and destroyed the entire country, transforming it into the undead-blighted Gravelands. 

As noted in the description for the book, Lastwall's fall did not stop its various knights from trying to fulfill its oaths. The Knights of Lastwall still exist, albeit with no country to call home. 

The Last Omens series of books help flesh out the world of Pathfinder 2E are usually lore-heavy tomes designed to help inspire GMs and players. Recently released Lost Omens books include The Mwangi Expanse, which explores a vast and diverse tropical region and serves as the location for the recently-started adventure path Strength of Thousands. Future Lost Omens books will explore Absalom, City of Lost Omens and home of the dead god Aroden, as well a book detailing various mythical monsters found throughout Golorian. 


Paizo also recently released its Secrets of Magic sourcebook, which added two new classes and hundreds of magic spells to the game, and will release its Guns & Gears rulebook later this year.