Get Pathfinder 2E's Core Rulebook, Other Material For Just $5

Paizo is providing tabletop RPG fans with a can't miss opportunity to grab the Core Rulebook for its new Second Edition game for only $5, with a portion of proceeds being donated to charities that support people of color. Earlier today, Paizo launched its Pathfinder Second Edition Humble Bundle, a new bundle set up to benefit the Carl Brandon Society, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and the National Urban League. Purchasers of the bundle can choose how much of their donation will go towards each charity in the bundle.

Pathfinder was originally designed as an alternative to Dungeons & Dragons when D&D moved to its divisive Fourth Edition ruleset in the mid-2000s. Although fans appreciated the revised "3.5" ruleset that Pathfinder used, the game's true strength was its campaign setting of Golarion, which provided plenty of different regions with wildly different backgrounds and inspirations to explore. Paizo officially released Pathfinder 2E last year after a nearly year-long public playtest, which moved the game further away from Dungeons & Dragons by establishing a "three action per round" combat system and major customization options that involved both ancestries and classes. Pathfinder 2E will release its Advanced Players Guide this summer, with even more new ancestries and classes to use in games.

The bundle comes with Pathfinder 2E's Core Rulebook, the introductory Fall of Plaguestone adventure, three novellas, and digital versions of two flip-maps. Donating $10 unlocks even more novellas, adventures, maps, and the Lost Omens: World Guide, while donating $20 or more gets you the Bestiary and the Lost Omens Character Guide, which adds the hobgoblin, leshy, and lizardfolk ancestries, and options for being members of some of Golarion's biggest organizations.

This bundle represents a fantastic way to check out Pathfinder 2E, especially as you can choose where your money goes. You can check out Paizo's full offering on the Humble Bundle website.

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