Paul George's "Fortnite" Nike PG 2.5 Sneakers Arrive Tomorrow

. If you're interested, a video and list of the original features of the PlayStation PG 2s are [...]

(Photo: Nike)

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George debuted the Racer Blue colorway of the Nike PG 2.5 earlier this year during Fortnite's E3 Pro-Am tournament. Not surprisingly, gamers ran with it and dubbed the sneakers as the officially unofficial shoes of Fortnite.

Odds are that very thin association with Fortnite will be enough to blow these sneakers off the shelf when they drop tomorrow, August 15th. That having been said, if you want to pick up a pair for yourself, keep tabs on Paul George's Nike page, the PG 2.5 page, and for the shoes to go live. They might also be available at your local Nike retailers.

We wouldn't expect the demand to be as strong as it was during the launch of Paul George's awesome Nike PG 2 PlayStation colorways back in February, but the odds of getting a pair of these "Fortnite sneakers" online at the standard price are still pretty slim. The PlayStation sneakers launched at around 10am and were gone within a few minutes. If you want a pair of Nike PlayStation PG 2s now, you'll have to spend upwards of $400 on sites like StockX (rumor has it that a pair of updated PlayStation PG 2.5s are coming by the end of 2018). If you're interested, a video and list of the original features of the PlayStation PG 2s are available below.

  • The tongues of the shoe sport the PG and PlayStation logos, which illuminate and pulsate blue just like when turning on the console
  • The back heel of the left shoe has a unique barcode that contains a PSN voucher code, which can be redeemed at the PlayStation Store for a Paul George Dynamic Theme for your PS4
  • The colors of the sneaker pay homage to the buttons on the DualShock 4 controller
  • The iconic PlayStation symbols are embossed in patent leather on each shoe
  • The look of the PG Dynamic Theme is reflected in the sock liner on each shoe

In a PlayStation Blog post, George noted the following about the PlayStation sneakers:

"This collaboration has been a long time coming. Ask me what my favorite PlayStation memory is and I'll tell you it's when my dad got me a PS2 for Christmas. I'd been dropping hints left and right because I knew that was it. That was the next big thing. You could say the same with Nike. As a kid, I'd make sketches of what I wanted my Nike shoes to look like because it's something I've always wanted to be a part of. Now I have the opportunity to make something very special and personal to me with the help of two of my favorite brands."

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