Persona Developer Atlus Teases "Big" Surprises Coming in the Future

Just last week, Persona developer Atlus teased that it would be making a number of announcements [...]

Just last week, Persona developer Atlus teased that it would be making a number of announcements related to the franchise starting in September and lasting over the course of the next year. While many fans have tried to theorize about what these reveals could be in relation to, the studio has now indicated that it has quite a number of surprises in store.

Found in this week's issue of Japanese publication Famitsu (which leaked early thanks to ryokutya2089), Atlus director Naoto Hiraoka talked more about what is transpiring at the studio at this point in time. Although Hiraoka didn't delve into specifics with any given franchise too much, he did indicate that Atlus as a whole is incredibly busy at the moment and has some major projects in the pipeline. "We are working on a variety of titles, both announced and unannounced, so that we can deliver them as soon as possible," Hiraoka said in the interview. "We hope to bring some surprises in the future."

Talking more specifically in relation to the number of games that are in the works at Atlus, Hiraoka went on to say that the studio has about 10 titles in total that are in development at this point in time. "Currently, we have five or six development lines in effect, and around 10 if you include the ones we're working on in collaboration with Vanillaware and other companies, as well as technology research and development," Hiraoka explained. As mentioned, some of these games aren't natively being developed at Atlus, however, and are instead in the works at other studios that publish under the Atlus name.

Lastly, speaking more to the nature of some of these unannounced games, Hiraoka indicated that some of the projects that are being worked on are pretty major. "We're also working on some other big unannounced projects that will surprise you," he said. "It's frustrating, because I can't wait to tell you about them. Please give us some time before the announcement."

Likely the most notable game that many fans are hoping to see announced at some point in the future is that of Persona 6. While Atlus has clearly confirmed in the past that it would indeed be making this game, some fans believe that it might be too early for Persona 6 to actually be revealed since Persona 5 Royal only just launched last year. Still, with so many Persona-related announcements happening throughout 2021 and 2022, there's a decent chance that we could learn about the sixth mainline installment in the JRPG series before long.

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