Persona Anniversary Site Teases Several New Projects

Another new Persona game was only recently alluded to by some job listings, but it appears [...]

Another new Persona game was only recently alluded to by some job listings, but it appears that's far from the only Persona announcement that fans can look forward to in the future. Persona developer Atlus and publisher Sega have launched a special site dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Persona franchise. That site teases a number of different announcements related to Persona that'll encompass a number of things included but hopefully not limited to that next mainline Persona game.

The Persona site in question can be seen here where Sega and Atlus first celebrate the Persona legacy overall before hinting at what's to come in the future. The pair touted the ever growing sales numbers for Persona games which topped 15 million cumulative units worldwide just this year. Those who helped push the games to these numbers were thanked with promises of announcements and more to come during a whole year of announcements and celebrations starting in September 2021 and continuing into Fall 2022.

Scrolling past the intro to the site will bring you to several different tiles to be filled in the future with various announcements as they're made. The first of those will come in September as the site's main text indicated with the final tile teasing an announcement to be made in Autumn of next year. That's quite the range of time for announcements to be made, so hopefully any new game reveals will happen sooner rather than later so that those games can get into players' hands quicker.

It is worth noting, however, that not all of these announcements will be related to games, so those waiting for just a game announcement may be waiting for a while or may not have quite as much to look forward to if their new game is announced early. The text on the Persona site indicated that the announcements will encompass merch related to the 25th anniversary, different events, collaborations, and games themselves.

Some of that merch is already available for those who want it. Keychains, stickers, shirts, and other items are available through the site and will presumably be up for sale throughout the duration of the event, but the organizers didn't make it clear if the merch would stay up for the full year.