PewDiePie Comments On Bowsette Fandom

YouTuber PewDiePie shared a new video covering the latest Super Mario character called Bowsette and attempted to find out why everyone’s freaking out about it.

A fan-made character inspired by a meeting between Bowser and the Super Crown, a New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe item that turns Toadette into Peach, Bowsette has made its way through forums, Twitter, YouTube, and every other facet of the Internet even slightly related to gaming. Spawned from just one comic that showed Bowser putting on Toadette’s crown and turning himself into a darker, edgier version of the Mushroom Kingdom princess, it’s led to all sorts of fan fiction and fan creations that turn Peach into a plethora of supporting characters from Super Mario.

Taking on the Bowsette trend, YouTuber PewDiePie who’s known for his gaming videos and meme reviews analyzed the Bowsette trend and looked at some examples of the Bowsette artwork that’s sweeping people’s timelines and Twitter feeds.

“What is Bowsette?” he asked in the video. “It’s in the name. It’s the female version of Bowser. We have officially done it boys.”

He then commented on h ow it’s been taking off worldwide, the fresh creation not just limited to any one region. It was trending previously at the No. 9 spot in Japan with artwork pouring in from all angles to portray Bowsette in different styles. After showing the original comic that started it all, he said that Bowsette was apparently all it took to take over the Internet.

“This is it. This is all it takes to break the Internet,” he continued. “People posted this hashtag – I mean, you can’t go online without seeing Bowsette somewhere. You just can’t.”

While the stream of Bowsette artwork isn’t anywhere close to running dry yet, people have also already begun merging the new Super Mario character with other memes. Whether it’s the Distracted Boyfriend meme that’s shown in the video above or the Bongo Cat meme that’s also recently caught fire, the Bowsette crossovers are happening almost as frequently as the fan art itself.


Some of the artwork, as a blurred-out image in the video showed, isn’t exactly safe for work either, an expected outcome given the subject matter. The YouTuber usually rates memes in these videos, but even though he said Bowsette is still quite new in its lifespan, he gave it a solid five for a balanced meme that made him feel both “physically ill” and attracted at the same time.

(Featured image courtesy of PewDiePie)