PewDiePie Posts Video Blasting Logan Paul for Suicide Forest Video: "He's a straight up sociopath"

Earlier this morning we reported that PewDiePie had sent out a pretty scathing tweet mocking Logan Paul's judgment, after Paul uploaded a video to YouTube showing a dead body they found while roaming Japan's "suicide forest." The video received immediate and aggressive backlash across the board, and now PewDiePie has uploaded an entire video calling Paul out for being "distasteful" and "disrespectful." You can watch it above.

PewDiePie comes across as blatantly aggressive in his video, openly mocking Paul for his judgment, and making no mistake about the fact that he believes the video was uploaded as a stunt for pageviews and attention. Paul states that the video was released in order to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention, but PewDiePie thinks otherwise. "I know he's out for that daily grind, for views, but surely even Logan Paul has his limits."

He goes on. "I always knew that Logan Paul was a jackass, so I wasn't really surprised by the fact that once Logan Paul found a dead body, that he acted like a jackass... He went up to the body, filmed it literally up close... It's not the kind of stuff you'd see on YouTube; very disturbing; really disrespectful, zooming on the body, making weird jokes around it... Logan, he's a straight up sociopath."

Well, if PewDiePie was waiting for an opportunity to rile up more controversy and get back into the spotlight, we think he probably found his golden opportunity right here. He just published the video this morning, and it's already racked up almost half a million views at the time of writing. Paul for his part has issued multiple apologies, and who knows if PewDiePie's video will catch his attention. If it does, we're sure to get an interesting response.