PewDiePie Streams 'Minecraft' to Fight T-Series

Top YouTuber Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg moved to another hit game recently in his fight against T-Series as he played Minecraft to gain more subs and further the gap between the two channels.

PewDiePie’s had no reservations about why he’s playing these hit games and put the reasoning out there again in his Minecraft stream’s title: “Playing Minecraft Christian Servers to STOP TSERIES.” T-Series, as those who are aware of YouTube culture or have seen the endless “subscribe to PewDiePie” initiatives will know is the Indian music channel on YouTube that’s threatening PewDiePie’s spot at the top with the amount of subs separating the two growing and shrinking. The rival channel has never overtaken PewDiePie’s numbers, but to make sure things stay that way, the YouTuber took to Minecraft on Sunday to appeal to the game’s fans and widen the gap.

“I never thought I would be this desperate … playing Minecraft,” PewDiePie said to kick off his stream. “I realize I’m at the lowest point any man has ever experienced.”

With a live tracker in the top-right corner of his screen, PewDiePie’s sub count showed that he was only around 13,500 subs apart from T-Series, a measly number compared to the nearly 86 million subscribers the YouTuber has.

“The sub gap is almost at 10,000,” PewDiePie continued, a number that brings it dangerously close to overtaking his lead that nobody else on YouTube has bested before. “There’s no one left to save us now.”


PewDiePie playing Minecraft rounds out the most recent of three different streams where he played some of the most well-known games around: Fortnite, Roblox, and now Minecraft. The YouTuber played Fortnite at the start of February and said again in the stream that he was desperate and seemed to be hoping Fortnite would help him pull ahead. He did bring in several thousands of subscribers from the stream, so it makes sense that he’d then move onto the other two games.

Others have tried to save PewDiePie’s channel in the past though with fellow YouTubers doing their part to get people to subscribe to PewDiePie and keep him on top. Some of the YouTuber’s supporters – or at least those invested in the “subscribe to PewDiePie meme – have even hacked remote printers and Atlas’ servers to spread the word and get others to subscribe to PewDiePie and keep T-Series away from his spot at the top of YouTube.