Huge Phasmophobia Update Adds New Ghosts, Map, and Features

For the first time in roughly a month, Phasmophobia has received an all-new update and it might [...]

For the first time in roughly a month, Phasmophobia has received an all-new update and it might just be the biggest one that the game has had so far. For those looking for some new content, this latest patch is filled to the brim with all-new features and should provide more than enough spooks.

While this latest Phasmophobia update contains a number of gameplay changes and bug fixes as we've grown accustomed to, what stands out the most this time around is in regard to the new qualities. Most prominently, two new ghost types have now joined the horror-focused co-op title with the Yokai and Hantu. The other most notable addition is that of a new map which is called Willow Street House. The venue is much smaller than normal and contains no closets and lockers to hide in. Instead, players will have to shelter away behind furniture.

Developer Kinetic Games still hasn't fully released Phasmophobia in its 1.0 iteration, but updates like this definitely get the title that much closer to such a version. And if you're someone who has strayed away from playing Phasmophobia in recent weeks or months, this might be the patch that should actually get you to dive back in.

Phasmophobia is currently available to play exclusively on PC in early access. If you would like to check out the full patch notes for this update, you can find them below.


  1. Added a new ghost type Yokai.
  2. Added a new ghost type Hantu.
  3. Added a new daily challenge "Capture a 3 star ghost photo".
  4. Added a new daily challenge "Capture a Dirty Water photo".
  5. Added a way to reset corrupt save files. This is a very rare occurrence, if you get this please join our discord and ask for help.
  6. Added a bad word/ profanity filter for usernames and room names. Please report if your name is not offensive and is being caught by this.
  7. Added a sell button in the item store that will give you back 50% of the price.
  8. Added text to show the name of the level below the map in the truck.
  9. Added a confirmation timer if you change your resolution.
  10. Added a new small house map called Willow Street House. This map has no closets or lockers to hide inside and has been designed around hiding behind furniture.


  1. Updated to the latest Photon release which will bring network optimisations and fixes.
  2. The smudge sticks smoking time has been reduced from 15 to 6 seconds to match the ghost delay during a hunt.
  3. The ghost will now walk to the front of the closet/ locker if it sees or hears you inside rather than walking past.
  4. If you fall out of the map or go out of bounds you will now be teleported to the last place you were instead of back to the truck.
  5. The high school top and bottom floor corridors have now been split into 3 sections each. This will make evidence be more accurate to where the ghost is.
  6. The Truck has been moved closer to the entrance on Prison.
  7. Kicked players will now be automatically kicked when they rejoin.
  8. The ghost now has a small chance to wander far from it's room.
  9. Slightly increased the Demons chance to hunt.


  1. Improved the performance and load times on most house maps.
  2. Potential fix for player voices sometimes going high pitch.
  3. High School: Fixed a bug where sound sensors showed the wrong corridor names.
  4. Potential fix for a rare bug where the ghost moves in the first 5 seconds of the hunt.
  5. Fixed a bug where equipment didn't teleport back to the truck if they fell out of bounds.
  6. Potential fix for the current ghost room sometimes being set to the wrong room which was breaking evidence such as temperature.
  7. Fixed a bug where new players would have their volume set to the old players volume.
  8. Fixed a bug where the ghost couldn't kill you in some closets.
  9. Fixed several safe spots.
  10. Fixed a bug where players would still show in the audio options after they have left.
  11. Fixed a bug where the resolution would sometimes be set very low when launching for the first time.
  12. Fixed a bug where Sensors could be placed on walls behind other objects.
  13. Fixed a bug where the ghost was never wandering out of it's room.