Pokemon Go Maker Releases First Pikmin Bloom Trailer, Launch Window Revealed

The creators of Pokemon Go have released a trailer for their latest Nintendo project - Pikmin Bloom, which will be released in the next few days. The trailer showcased the new app, which will see users walk with their Pikmin to create a shared garden space with other players. The new app is designed to enhance and encourage daily walks, although there are some distinct similarities with Pokemon Go and other apps designed by Niantic. You can check out the full trailer and explanation video down below: 

The app's core purpose seems simple enough. Users grow their squad of Pikmin by walking, picking up Pikmin seedlings as they go. As players walk their Pikmin through their neighborhood, flowers grow around them, and players can feed nectar from these flowers to their Pikmin to cause the buds on their heads to bloom into flowers of their own. The flower trails created by players are shared by all users in the app, so one goal of the game is to create a giant garden of virtual flowers in the neighborhood. At this time, it doesn't appear the app will use any of the puzzles that are central to the core Pikmin game experience, which is probably a good thing as those puzzles often resulted in the deaths of multiple Pikmin. 

Other features in Pikmin Bloom include a log to look back on daily walks, with the option of adding notes or photos or postcards delivered by Pikmin to places you visited. The app will also host a monthly Community Day similar to Pokemon Go to encourage community building. 

Nintendo launched the Pikmin franchise back in 2001 as a puzzle series of video games. To date, Nintendo has released three Pikmin games, with a fourth game in development as far back as 2015. The most recent game was a remake of Pikmin 3, which was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Pikmin Bloom is now available as a free to download game on the Google Play and Apple App Store in Australia and New Zealand. The game will be rolled out to additional countries in the coming days. You can also follow the game on Twitter at @PikminBloom.