This Planet Coaster Creation Brings the World of Aliens to Life

The world of Planet Coaster is definitely one that is easy to tank a lot of hours into. Creation [...]

The world of Planet Coaster is definitely one that is easy to tank a lot of hours into. Creation can run free, and sometimes gamers make some really interesting in-game content! And then there's the person that recreated Aliens. Very impressive, but for wimps (hi), it could use some more rainbows and puppy dogs.

One player created a ride specifically about James Cameron's 1986 Sci-Fi horror staple Aliens. The above video is 15 minutes of pure delight for science fiction fans, and it's arguably one of the safest ways to explore this particular universe. Just keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times. Or just your eyes on the screen, details.

The ride is impressive - going through the tracks in the 3-Dimensional set up is a fantastic treat for fans of either franchise. From the colours used, to the high-tech surroundings, it's an interesting way to re-live a classic.

YouTuber Hin Nya is no stranger to Planet Coaster either. He also created another Aliens PV in the popular simulator game a few weeks prior, as well as a competitive commercial entry 6 months ago. Both videos are pretty nifty, and both perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the franchise. If you're unfamiliar with the highly addictive world that is Planet Coaster, you can check out more information about the title below:

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