Players Reveals New Clip From Episode 8 (Exclusive)

A new clip from Episode 8 of Players, the ongoing esports mockumentary from the creators of American Vandal, has been revealed. With the show nearing the end of its first season, the tension is starting to grow as the main characters are finding themselves competing for the League of Legends LCS Championship. And despite these high stakes, the forthcoming Episode, entitled "Philadelphia," ends up shedding more light on the personal lives of one of the main characters

The clip in question from Episode 8 of Players, which releases tomorrow on July 14th, sees Fugitive ADC Organizm returning to his old high school. As it turns out, the League of Legends LCS Championship happens to take place in Organizm's old hometown of Philadelphia. With this in mind, this episode focuses on Organizm as he has to balance both his professional obligations while interacting with his friends and family who still live in the area.

The brief snippet from Episode 8 entirely centers around Organizm and his visit to his old school with his older brother. As we quickly learn, though, he's not a fan of the school because of how he was treated when he went there. This preview then shows a flashback where Organizm lashed out at a former classmate after being embarrassed in front of his fellow classmates. Despite being quiet, we see that Organizm has a side to him that holds a grudge against those who wrong him. 

You can watch this new clip from Players for yourself in the video below:

"After a win in the LCS quarterfinals with Creamcheese and Organizm finally in sync, Fugitive travels to Philadelphia for the semi-finals," says the official description of this week's episode of Players. "Conveniently near Organizm's hometown, he bristles as his family and town revel in his success."

As a whole, Players is set to last for 10 episodes in its first season. The ninth episode of the season is set to air next week on July 21st with the season premiere arriving the following week on July 28th. The series as a whole is exclusive to Paramount+

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