PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Team Looks To Improve The Game In 2018

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds

One of this year’s biggest successes is undoubtedly Bluehole’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which has become a phenomenon with over 30 million copies sold across PC and Xbox One. But what’s next for the team, now that it’s established said success? That’s easy – making the game even better.

While speaking with Kotaku, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene made it clear throughout the interview that the 1.0 release for the game, which just came out for PC, is “the end of the beginning,” and that there’s more to fix as it goes along.

“It does have problems,” he noted. “There are crashes still. There’s some rubberbanding. But these are problems we’re working to fix. It’s a marathon for us.”

He did note that it would “take time” to fix the rubberbanding issue, since there’s a lot to fix with “a core issue with Unreal’s netcode,” but he said the team will eventually get to that point and make the game perform even better.

As for what else is coming, Greene noted that other features are being looked at, such as character leveling and ranked play so that they “make you feel more connected to your character”. It’s already in the testing “backend,” but there’s no determined date for when it’ll be finalized.

Cosmetic items are also being discussed, although Greene has some “concerns” when it comes to the CS:GO gambling issues. “We can’t really control what happens in grey markets,” he said. “Stuff like this will happen no matter what we do. We want to make sure the system we release is fair and works for the Steam Marketplace.”

Greene also wants to make the game esports ready, with a “competitive” focus, although he already feels the game is at that point. But now it’s a matter of the team going to “look at all that data again” and seeing where the best balancing lies.

Finally, Greene wants to introduce something new with more ways to play. “We want to provide new and unique battlegrounds for our players to play on,” he said. “We won’t necessarily definitely go down the road of ‘oh, this has to be different.’ Wherever we get inspiration from or a thematic idea for a map, we’ll consider it. But it is important to give players these kinds of new and interesting terrains to play on.”


You can read the full interview here.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now for Xbox One and PC.