PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Releases Code Of Conduct To Clean Up Games

An official Code of Conduct was recently released for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to provide [...]


An official Code of Conduct was recently released for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to provide guidelines for the ever-growing number of players taking part in the battle royale game.

The game has been growing at an insane rate since it hit its Early Access stages on Steam, just recently crossing the impressive threshold of hosting over 500,000 concurrent players at times, but with that growth comes a conduct problem. With more players taking part in the every-man-for-himself action, the game runs the risk of experiencing more behavior issues that'll result in reports, bans, and a decline in the community. To help clean up the game's matches, a 14-point Code of Conduct is now in effect that players will want to take a look at before hopping into their next game.

If you're familiar with online gaming communities that have similar rules, these guidelines should be pretty familiar. Harassment, forms of cheating, and a more recently-discussed issue of stream sniping all make the list, found in its entirety below:

  1. Do not use any discriminatory language, including but not limited to any language regarding ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual preference or personal beliefs.
  2. Do not use extremely foul language, including but not limited to excessive profanity or language that is graphically sexual, grotesque, or violent.
  3. Do not make threats of real-world violence or other intended harm to other players or our employees.
  4. Do not harass, stalk, or purposely do things to make someone else feel uncomfortable or threatened.
  5. Do not share personal information about yourself or other individuals.
  6. Do not engage in, request, arrange, or offer illegal activities or materials.
  7. Do not impersonate other individuals.
  8. Do not spam, be it in text or voip.
  9. Do not cheat: do not use third party programs, macros, client-side hacks, edited game files or anything else that may give you an unfair advantage in the game. This includes promoting or posting links to websites that provide or promote cheats or hacks.
  10. Do not team: teaming is defined as two or more players in the same match working together in a larger group than is intended for the selected game mode.
  11. Do not team kill: there is no excuse for non-accidental team kills. If your teammate is breaking these rules, report them to us instead.
  12. Do not stream snipe: this is a form of cheating and you will be banned if you do it.
  13. Do not exploit bugs or glitches: If you find a bug or a glitch in the game that provides an unfair advantage, let us know about it instead of using the exploit for your own benefit.
  14. Do not share your account: your account is for your use and your use alone. Do not grant access to your account to anyone else, and do not access anyone else's account, even with their permission.

The rules don't encompass everything that's bannable, but they're pretty easy guidelines to follow if you want to stay active in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.