PlayStation 4 Firmware Update Now Available, Here's What's New

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro owners got a new firmware update to download recently, and with it comes the changes you'd expect from these sorts of updates if you've been paying attention to what's included in them. It comes in the usual form these updates typically do with a smallish size that won't take too long to download and a number of unidentified performance improvements bundled into it. It doesn't seem like it changes much, but at least it won't take long to download.

Next time you boot up your PlayStation 4 console, you'll be able to download the 7.55 firmware update. It says it comes with "This system software update improves system performance" which is what PlayStation 4 owners see every time an update is released unless something big has changed which would be a rare occurrence for Sony and its console updates.

While these updates are typically small and nondescript, there's also a bigger update in the works for the PlayStation 4 consoles. Sony has been testing the 8.00 firmware update with beta testers, and within that update are a number of more involved changes than just performance updates.

If you're a multi-console owner who's got an Xbox One or a similar device from that family, you've got a more involved update waiting for you on that console if you haven't played lately. Microsoft just recently released its latest update of the Xbox One devices that again reformatted parts of the user experience to make parts of it more fluid for users. Some of the changes include a reorganizing of the way users' most recent activities are displayed so they can hop right back into whatever they were doing not long ago. Some changes to the consoles' social features were also made to make communicating with friends easier.

"The new Guide landing page is designed to be cleaner and easier to read at-a-glance," Principal Program Manager of Xbox Experiences Jonathan Hildebrandt said. "The layout makes it easier to navigate between the most recent things you were doing, the Dashboard, and My Games and Apps. For those of you who want to customize the Guide, you'll have the option to change the order of the tabs that show up. We've also added buttons to the bottom of the page for important utilities like notifications, search, and audio settings, making it easier to access them from wherever you are."


The PlayStation 4's 7.55 firmware update is now available to download.