Analyst: PlayStation Can Win Generations If Sony Just Does One Simple Thing


There’s a lot of talk about Sony and its domination with the PlayStation brand as of late, as well as what could possibly be coming next with PlayStation 5. But while we’re still a ways off from seeing what’s next, one analyst believes that the company can continue its winning ways if it just keeps its fans pleased with its offerings.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter recently spoke with GamingBolt on this winning strategy, which started years ago when Sony ruled with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles. ““I think that Sony did something magical with the original PlayStation, and built on it with the PS2, and had their 160 million household install base,” Pachter explained. “I frankly think that had they not screwed up with PS3, they would have dominated that cycle as well. So all that really happened is they got back their fanbase with the PS4, that’s really all that happened.”

He also talked a little bit about loyalty and how it has paid off for Sony’s fans. “This cycle, none of those things are present. Sony has good multiplayer, they launched at the same time, they were competitively priced at launch, and that enabled their fanbase to return to the console they loved right at launch. Sony executed phenomenally well right now, but they are riding a wave of fan loyalty they earned in the 1990s, and they maintained in the first part in the 2000s,” he said.


So what’s the key to success for the company in the future? Delivery. “Sony lost their way for a little bit in the late 2000s, but they’ve found it back, so I think the next generation, and the one after that, and the one after that, Sony will win as long as they give fans what they want. And they seem to really understand that- I don’t think Microsoft is doing anything wrong anymore- but Sony has the advantage of a massive built in fan base,” he concluded.

We’ll see what Sony has planned next in just a few weeks during its pre-E3 presentation. More than likely, we won't see a PS5 confirmation...but you never know.