PlayStation 5 Concept Shows Off a Curved Design

Most concepts for new consoles are pretty boxy in nature and don’t really deviate from that form [...]

Most concepts for new consoles are pretty boxy in nature and don't really deviate from that form much since it's what players are used to, but one new concept for the PlayStation 5 that's been shared online recently manages to move away from that idea without being too outlandish. French gaming site VR4Player put together a concept for the upcoming PlayStation 5 showcased in a trailer that showed a sleek, modern-looking console with a curved front instead of the usual flat face like most devices have. The console was also shown standing on its side with the disc slot near the top to show how it'll look for those who prefer to store their consoles vertically.

The video below shared by the gaming site showed off just over three imnmates to who what the console would like in different positions. Sticking around is the PlayStation logo on the top-middle part of the PlayStation 5 that's displayed whether it's stored vertically or horizontally, but it's the curved design that sets it the most apart from other ideas.

While the PlayStation 5 will of course come in different colors at some point in the future given that it'll be covered in themes of other PlayStation 5 games to celebrated bundles and what not, this curved concept does what others have attempted and plays up the design of the DualSense PlayStation 5 controller. We've only seen this controller before which featured a two-tone design mostly white instead of the default black we've seen from past PlayStation releases, so this concept imagines what the console would look like if it used a similar design.

Will Sony actually go with something different like this for the PlayStation 5 once the console's design is finally revealed? It probably won't be this exactly or something close to it, but maybe the design of the PlayStation 5 will surprise people like the DualSense controller did.

The Xbox Series X design has already been revealed long ahead of Sony's PlayStation 5 debut, and it's design is a good example of why people typically expect their new consoles to be blocky instead of outlandish. We've seen different designs for the PlayStation 5 in the past as well, so fi you're not a big fan of this one, perhaps you'll find one here that you like more.