Analyst: PlayStation 5 Isn't the Reason For Sony Cancelling This Year's PlayStation Experience

So in case you missed the news last week, Sony isn't hosting a PlayStation Experience event this year. The company has usually held the event in December, first in Las Vegas and then in Anaheim for the past few years, to showcase what would be coming for the current year. And while it did explain a few reasons for it not happening this year, many fans feel that the company is simply preparing for an epic season of games in 2019. Oh, yeah, and the PlayStation 5.

But one analyst, Michael Pachter, doesn't believe that the PS5 is to blame. In fact, while speaking with GamingBolt, he explained that it's simply more of saving money in the long run.

"I am sure it is just a cost saving move," he explained. "They probably decided the expense wasn't worth the benefits they got. No, I don't think it's related to PS5 launch."

The company has seen some impressive turnaround with the PlayStation Experience over the past few years, as it was the place we saw reveals like The Last of Us Part II and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, among other releases. And it was also home to one of the premiere stops for the Capcom Cup tour, just as last year proved.

However, there were some things that turned fans off. For instance, during last year's show, instead of presenting a big press conference, Sony opted for more of an intimate sit-down with developers to learn more about their games. While some enjoyed the presentation, others were disappointed that there weren't too many big reveals, save for a revival of the Medievil series (which we still haven't heard much about).

With this year's show on hiatus, Sony will likely focus more on the games it has coming up for 2019, including Dreams and Days Gone, as well as potential waiting-in-the-wings titles like Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II, which currently don't have release dates.

As far as whether the show will return next year, it's too soon to say. But we certainly hope it makes a comeback at some point, if only because we dig visiting Anaheim. Guess BlizzCon will have to suffice…


And, hey, a PlayStation Experience 2019 event would be the perfect place to talk PS5. Just saying.