PlayStation 5 DualSense Controllers Spotted in the Wild

We’ve still got less than a month to go before the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition release, but it looks like the DualSense controller that’ll accompany those consoles is already showing up in the wild in different places. Some controllers have apparently already started arriving at retailers in preparation for their release while others have been appearing in shifty listings trying to sell them above market price and ahead of schedule.

The tweet below doesn’t show a DualSense controller itself but rather shows the box that the controller would come in all packaged up and ready to be sold. According to Twitter user Marlon Gaming Nation, the DualSense controller in question was part of a shipment that recently arrived at a Walmart location. With the consoles and their accessories now just weeks away, it makes sense that we’d now start seeing DualSense controllers and other devices shipping to retailers.

Found this listed locally on Facebook. How are these around yet? from r/PS5

In the second image shown above, a Redditor shared a screenshot of a listing they said they found listed on Facebook’s local marketplace for selling goods and services. Someone apparently has a DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 and is trying to sell it for $100 which is well above what you’d have to pay if you purchased a controller normally, but that’s the price you’d pay for trying to get the controller early. There’s always a chance this listing could be a fake, but the box perfectly matches the that was said to be part of a Walmart shipment.

While these controllers and likely other devices are now apparently starting to arrive in stores early, people who purchased some of these PlayStation 5 accessories will also be able to get some of their items sooner than anticipated as well. Sony announced recently that it’d be sending out PlayStation 5 accessories sooner than November 12th with accessory shipping starting on October 30th now in many cases. It’s unclear if the DualSense controller is included in those accessories since it’s a much more integral part of the PlayStation 5 than a headset or any other optional device, but those who’ve secured their pre-orders can at least expect to get some stuff in early.