PlayStation Ad Shows How Big the PS5 Box Is

A new ad for the PlayStation 5 has revealed a better look at the box the sizable console will come in, and what a box it is. The PlayStation 5 ad came from an unexpected collaboration between PlayStation and Burger King where the two teamed up to sell some food and give away PlayStation 5 consoles to some lucky winners. Footage of people carrying the boxes away was shared in a video showing people’s reactions to finding the console in the unlikely place and helped put into perspective the size of the box.

The video below from PlayStation shows the reactions of Burger King patrons when they unwrapped PlayStation 5 boxes. There’s probably nothing in the box given that the console isn’t out yet and the whole thing is likely staged anyway, but that’s no what we’re here for. We’re here to see how big the box is, and it looks like it’s going to be a hefty one befitting the big console.

It’s a two-hander even with the handle on top and takes up most of the space in front of someone who hand it handed to them through a drive-through window. We’ve seen the box revealed before through retail listings, but seeing it out in the wild like this is a first.

If you’re wondering why Burger King of all places has access to the PlayStation 5 while many others can’t even secure a pre-order, you’re not alone. Burger King started the teases not long ago and built up to some kind of reveal slated for October 15th. The reveal was the partnered sweepstakes where people can win a PlayStation 5 console in different ways. You can find out more on that contest through the link in the tweet below that also shows another perspective on how large the boxes are when they’re stacked on top of one another.


Only 1,000 PlayStation 5 consoles are being given out which sounds like a lot but really isn’t considering how many people want the console. Those who don’t win the console still have a chance at getting codes for Sackboy: A Big Adventure or Demon’s Souls or a three-month subscription to PlayStation Now.