PlayStation 5: Wife Forces Husband to Sell PS5 After She Discovered it Wasn't An Air Purifier

One woman made her husband sell his PlayStation 5 after he lied and called it an air purifier. The PS5 drama could have probably been avoided if there were open and honest communication in their relationship. Over in Taiwan, the wife was not thrilled about her husband's previous gaming habits according to Taiwan News. A man named Jin Wu found the console scrolling Facebook's marketplace. The seller agreed on a time and place to pick up the PS5. When Wu asked about why the low price on the PlayStation, the man told him that his wife was forcing him to get rid of it. As a direct quote, "It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter." So, that's all kinds of tragic, but Wu got himself a lightly used PlayStation out of the deal, so he came out smelling like roses. It's going to be a quiet holiday in the house for the guy that sold it to him though.

EBay and other marketplaces have not been home to nearly as many innocuous stories as this one though. In fact, eBay especially has been filled with people trying to scalp systems and charge large premiums for the console near launch. The company actually had to issue a statement about this activity to EuroGamer.

昨天去面交買PS5 提早到了面交地點後 撥打電話給對方 電話那頭聲音是個女生 聽起來也不像會打電動的類型 價錢也是當天找到最便宜的 但還是一副急著想要賣掉的語氣。 對方到了之後,結果是個一看就知道典型愛打電動的中年男子,當然免不了在驗貨...

Posted by Jin Wu on Saturday, November 21, 2020

"We condemn these opportunistic sellers who are attempting to mislead other users," eBay explained. "We are in the process of removing all listings for photos of PS5s from our marketplace and will be taking appropriate action against the sellers. For any purchase, but especially highly priced or in-demand items, buyers should exercise caution and thoroughly read the listing description. Buyers who receive an item which is not as described are entitled to a refund via our eBay Money Back Guarantee, provided they completed the transaction on the eBay platform."

One of the biggest groups behind this kind of activity, CrepCheifNotify has also issued a defense of their operation. Also, they do point out that many in their group have been victims of some of those furloughs and other misfortune plaguing many in the coronavirus pandemic.

"Lots of our community have been furloughed, made redundant, or at some form of disadvantage due the pandemic," the group said. "These people have managed to cover their bills, put food on the table and supply Christmas presents to their children. It may be unfortunate that a child won't wake up to a PS5 this Christmas, but another child may have woken up to nothing. We have no regrets.⁠"


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