PlayStation 5: Survival Horror Game Abandoned Revealed as PS5 Exclusive

Blue Box Game Studios revealed a new PlayStation 5 game this week called Abandoned, a survivor horror shooter planned for a Q4 2021 release. The game's set from the first-person perspective and hasn't gotten much yet in the way of details from the developer, but a promise has been made to show off more soon enough. A brief trailer and an overview of the story will have to suffice until then to give a preview of what to expect from Abandoned.

Given that the release window is some time away, it shouldn't be a surprise to hear that the game's in its "early development stage." However, what we've seen and heard from Blue Box Game Studios and Hasan Kahraman, the game director working on Abandoned, it looks to be a horror game worth keeping an eye on.

"The story is centered around Jason Longfield, who wakes up in a strange forest," Kahraman said about the game in a post on the PlayStation Blog. Abandoned and not remembering how he got there, Jason soon finds out that he was kidnapped and brought there for a dark purpose. Fighting for his survival, his main goal is escape."

One thing that was stressed about the game was that it wasn't a fast-paced shooter. One might've guessed that from the preview above that comes from the full trailer shown below, but Kahraman reiterated that fact in the overview of the game. The game director said the creators want players to be nervous around each enemy encounter and want them to plan out their shots deliberately since the game takes a slower, more realistic approach to combat.

In addition to running at a 4K resolution and at 60FPS on the PlayStation 5, the game will also take advantage of the features of the console's DualSense controller.


"We wanted to emphasise realism through user immersion," Kahraman said. "This would not be possible without the DualSense wireless controller. Players will feel each and every interaction during gameplay – such as being struck by a bullet. Pulling the trigger on a loaded or unloaded gun will feel different. Equally 3D audio will help shape your decisions and tactics, using the accurate positioning of gunshots out in the wilds to help decide your next move."

A full gameplay video was promised to be shared soon, though there was no indication of a narrowed release date coming alongside it. Abandoned is currently planned for a Q4 2021 release and will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.