PlayStation Reveals First Babylon's Fall Gameplay

Square Enix and PlatinumGames unveiled a new look at the upcoming Babylon's Fall during Sony's State of Play stream in a trailer that revealed gameplay filled with swords and magic. This new game from the creators of the Bayonetta series and Nier: Automata was first revealed last year during Square Enix's E3 presentation, but news on Babylon's Fall has been quiet since then. Not much is revealed in the trailer aside from a glimpse of gameplay, and it looks like we'll be waiting until the middle of 2020 to learn more about it.

The new Babylon's Fall trailer can be seen above, though it's really more of a teaser trailer, according to PlayStation. We see some moody medieval settings filled with stone structures where nature has started to reclaim the area in some parts to give us an idea of the state of the world. The player takes on enemies of varying sizes and combat styles, some of them quick and humanoid while others are hulking creatures.

The game's been likened to Dark Souls since its reveal because of the combat, moody settings, and enemy designs, and it appears now that gameplay has been revealed that some of those comparisons are accurate with similarities to other games like Devil May Cry also evident. Combat consists of swordplay where players dodge and deflect their enemies' attacks while mixing in acrobatics and aerial attacks, but the most intriguing part of the fighting is the magic abilities players can apparently use. We often see slashes of red light coming from the sword to extend the range of the weapon and boost its attacks, and during the climactic fight against a massive enemy, the player strips the opponent and uses the tendrils to grab it midair to prepare for a final blow.

Over in a post on the PlayStation Blog, Square Enix offered a bit more information about the style of the game. It looks like this is all that we'll be hearing about it for a while though since Square Enix promised more information would be revealed in Summer 2020, so don't get your hopes up for much more news before then.

"In our new teaser trailer, unveiled during the State of Play broadcast earlier today, take an early look at the game's fluid action gameplay for the first time as well its striking brushstroke visual art-style delivered by the original 'Brushwork Filter,'" Square Enix said.


Babylon's Fall has currently been announced for the PlayStation 4 and does not yet have a release date.