PlayStation Classic Off To Sluggish Sales Start In Japan

Sony debuted the PlayStation Classic to retail earlier this month; and while it made promises when [...]

Sony debuted the PlayStation Classic to retail earlier this month; and while it made promises when it came to bringing back gaming memories from the 90's, it didn't quite live up to the hype. It just doesn't deliver the same experience as Nintendo's superior plug-and-play consoles. And apparently it's not selling as well as them, either.


A new report from Media Create indicates that the system only managed to sell 120,000 units during its first week of release. While that's not a "bomb" by any means, it comes up way short behind the 369,000 SNES Classic units that sold within its first four days of release, based on these numbers from Famitsu.

On top of that, a number of gamers here in the States noticed the PlayStation Classic in ample supply on store shelves. Even though sales numbers haven't been provided by Sony's American division just yet, it sounds like it's not exactly flying out the door.

Following their release onto the market, the NES Classic and SNES Classic have sold millions of units, while also receiving rave reviews from fans (as well as us). The PlayStation Classic, however, has been beset by a number of problems, including poor emulation issues, questionable game selections and controller issues.

There are some things that could turn around PlayStation Classic's misfortunes, though not necessarily on Sony's part. First off, hackers have found a way to add more games to the system, including some favorites that couldn't officially be added due to licensing. And most recently, various retailers have begun offering deals to sell the system, including $25 off the regular price along with a $25 gift card. These should still be up for grabs as you read this as well, so take a look.

It'll be interesting to see how the PlayStation Classic performs over time, especially if Sony vows to officially drop its price by $25 or $50.

I noted in my review, "Recreating a long-lost era is one thing -- but it's important-no, vital- to do so with accuracy and love poured into the product. Do yourself a favor and hunt down a real PlayStation instead, or get the classics on PlayStation 3 and Vita instead. You will feel soooo much better."

The PlayStation Classic is available now, but we suggest an NES Classic or SNES Classic instead. And you might want to get a move on.