PlayStation Network Servers Down for Many Players

PlayStation Network is once again experiencing issues with the service’s gaming and social [...]

PlayStation Network

PlayStation Network is once again experiencing issues with the service's gaming and social features being affected.

Pretty much any other PSN problem could be ignored if it were PlayStation Video, PlayStation Now, or other services being affected, but the gaming and social outage means that many games are currently experiencing issues with online features. This means that despite several new games being released over the weekend and several other options out that require players to be online, many are reporting that they can't connect to online services and are having to play offline.

The PSN service status page confirmed that the gaming and social services were indeed being affected with some players unable to launch games or other applications, though the page did say that the issue is being worked on at the moment.

"Affected Services: You may have some difficulty launching games, applications or online features," the PSN service status page read. "Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience."

Checking the same status page for different countries and regions yields similar results that all provided the same message regarding the downed services, so it seems that the problem is widespread across PSN and isn't limited to just one area.

The problems appear to only be affecting the PlayStation 4 at the moment, but it's not the first time that this has happened this week. In fact, PSN has been experiencing issues throughout the week with services going down several times, this most recent occurrence being the third so far. The Ask PlayStation Twitter account hasn't tweeted anything so far regarding the issues that are affecting PSN, though it has been fielding questions and concerns from disgruntled players who can't play their new copy of Monster Hunter World by sending them instructions through private messages.

As for Monster Hunter World specifically, its seems that some Xbox players are experiencing issues as well, so the problems may not be limited to PSN. It's unclear how long it'll take to resolve the PSN issues, but the service status page should be updated once again to reflect any progress.