Playstation Debuts New Secret of Mana HD Gameplay

(Photo: Square Enix)

Secret of Mana stands as a testament to what made RPGs into the amazing narratives that we play today. Released back in 1993, the game was actually a sequel to the 1991 Japanese game Seiken Densetsu, and became an instant classic at a time when a wave of RPGs seemed to release all at once. Playstation recently announced that it would be remaking the title from the ground-up with all-new graphics, and now, players are being given their first real look at what the gameplay will look like. Check out the new 13 minute gameplay demo below:

The remake was first announced earlier this year, and anticipation for it has built ever since. Gorgeous new graphics show the characters in more vivid detail, while staying true to the original game by paying homage to its controls, camera angles, and quests -- but cleaning up some of the clutter that the original game's limitations caused. It will feature a fully-voiced cast, meaning that players will get to hear Randi and his companions for the first time ever, and a brand new soundtrack to match it. Additionally, an all-new local multiplayer mode will give players a chance to quest together in a party of up to three, playing as the game's protagonists.

Along with new graphics and gameplay, Playstation is offering fans of the game a few bonuses if they pre-order ahead of its release. DLC items include alternative outfit skins for the game's heroes and more, including a Moogle suit for all three main characters, a "tiger two-piece" for heroine Primm, and a "tiger suit" for Randi and Popoi. PSN avatars featuring all three heroes will also be vailable to anyone who pre-orders the game, which will retail for $39.99.

Secret of Mana HD releases on February 15th for Playstation 4, PS Vita, and PC.