Rare PlayStation Nintendo Prototype Console Is Going on Sale

A one-of-a-kind gaming console is going on sale, but it's not a device that casual collectors could ever hope to have on their shelves. It's a PlayStation-Nintendo hybrid prototype was born from a partnership between the two companies when they worked to create a CD-ROM drive for the SNES, and its owner Terry Diebold is now taking offers for those interested in purchasing it. It's unclear how much it'll sell for, but the final price will one that'll surely reflect the rarity of the device.

Cedric Biscay of Shibuya Productions tweeted about the elusive prototype console at the start of the month and said Diebold had informed Biscay that he was prepared to sell the device. Some images of it were included to show what it looks like, but all you need to know about it if you're unfamiliar with the device is that it's very rare and has attracted gaming historians and collectors through word of mouth and appearances at conventions.

Now that it's known that the console will be sold assuming a buyer can be found, there's the question of where this device will end up. The consensus from many people so far seems to be that they'd prefer it to end up in a museum dedicated to preserving the history of the industry as opposed to sitting in a case in someone's home where few people will be able to appreciate the artifact. Diebold confirmed that he's open to buyers if anyone has a serios offer and said he's also open to the idea of a crowdfunding campaign matching the value of the console so that it can be put in a museum.


Since a number hasn't been thrown out there yet for the device, the fate of the console will depend on how much Diebold plans on asking for the console. The trips to different conventions and other events where the console could be put on display have only added to the value of the device, so the final price it's sold for may indeed be a record-breaking one like Biscay suggested.