PlayStation Plus One-Year Subscriptions Are $39 Through This Sale

We've seen it a few times already, and now that famous PlayStation Plus discount is back! Right now you can grab a full year of PlayStation Plus for only $39, which is nice, chunky discount down from the original $60 pricetag. Right now you can find your PlayStation Plus subscription for 33% off at Amazon through this link.

PlayStation Plus, kind of like Xbox Live Gold, is not required for you to take your PlayStation online. Without it, you'll still be able to browse the PSN store and play certain games online during certain weekends, but if you want to take full advantage of your fancy new PS4 or PS4 Pro, then you're going to need PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Plus members get exclusive discounts on games during most sales, and most of the generation's most popular games will require a Plus subscription in order to play online.

From the Amazon listing: "PlayStation Plus connects you with the best online community of gamers. As the premium membership service for PS4, your subscription grants you access to the fastest multiplayer network, includes free games every month, and provides exclusive sales and benefits. With millions of gamers logging on every day to play, the best time to join PlayStation Plus is today!"

  • 12 Months – Play All Year Long
  • Enables online multiplayer on PS4, so you can play games online with friends

  • FREE PlayStation 4 games every month

  • Access to exclusive PlayStation Store sales and discounts

Grab it while you can! If you wait until after Christmas, you're going to end up paying an extra 20 bucks, so get on this! If, by the way, you're buying a loved one a PS4 for Christmas, then this is going to be the cheapest you see PlayStation Plus for a long time!