PlayStation Plus Members Receive PS5 Cloud Streaming Invites

Some PS Plus members are getting the chance to try PS5 cloud streaming early!

Sony's plans for cloud streaming on PlayStation 5 seem to be moving forward quickly, as some PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers revealed that they have received beta invitations. Typically, the PlayStation Blog reveals these types of beta tests ahead of time, but the company has offered no public information on the beta, or how many people can expect to receive invitations. However, users on the PlayStation subreddit have shared the invitation letter they received. The invites are apparently exclusive to the user, and codes cannot be shared with those that did not receive one.

On ResetEra, user ArashiGames revealed a little information about the experience testing the feature. Apparently, they played God of War Ragnarok at 2160p quality, "and had no issues so far." Users can select between different resolution options, including 720p, 1080, 1440p, and 2160p. They also noted that the games "seem to load your cloud saves directly," allowing players to jump right back where they left off. PlayStation apparently has a list of games that support the feature, but for users to try them out, they must either own that specific game, or it must be playable through PS Plus. For example, God of War Ragnarok is not available through PS Plus, so players would have to own the game to try this feature.

Cloud streaming has become a significant part of Xbox's strategy over the last two years, allowing users to stream games directly to their console or mobile device, instead of having to download it straight to the system. That can be a big benefit for those with limited space on the system, and it also allows Xbox One users to stream games that would otherwise be unplayable on the platform, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It remains to be seen how much PlayStation will invest in cloud streaming, and whether the platform's audience will embrace it. However, these early reports are promising, and it will be interesting to see when the feature becomes available for all PS5 users!

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[H/T: Eurogamer]