Original PlayStation Gets Must-See LEGO Ideas Pitch

Over the years, a lot of video game concepts have been submitted through the LEGO Ideas program, and some of them have even seen an actual release. PlayStation fans are definitely going to hope that's the case for a new design based on Sony's original video game console. Submitted by user robymuso90, the design features an incredibly faithful take on the first version of the system, as opposed to the rounder PS1 remodel released later in the system's lifespan. The system's top can be opened, and it even comes with controllers and a memory card!

As of this writing, the submission has more than 4,200 supporters, of the 10,000 needed for official consideration from LEGO. Readers can check out the official LEGO Ideas page for the submission and offer their support right here. A video of the submission was shared on Twitter by @Lego_Maniacs and can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

The original PlayStation is one of the greatest video game systems of all-time. The platform played host to many games that are now considered all-time classics, including Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, and more. It's impossible to overstate the impact that the console had on the video game industry as a whole, and those that grew up with the platform have a lot of great memories of it. If the submission were to receive approval, it would not mark the first time a video game console has been officially replicated in LEGO bricks; LEGO versions of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Atari 2600 have both released.

It should be noted that getting the required number of supporters is just one piece of the puzzle, and does not guarantee that the set will be made. LEGO has to weigh a number of factors, including the licensing costs that would be associated with such a release. Still, the project is nearing the halfway point, and there's more than 500 days left for it to gain more supporters. Hopefully this is one LEGO Idea that will make it to market!

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