This Metroid LEGO Ideas Pitch Recreates Samus, Ridley, and More

The LEGO Ideas program allows users to design original concepts, and one Nintendo fan has used it [...]

The LEGO Ideas program allows users to design original concepts, and one Nintendo fan has used it to pitch an amazing set based on the Metroid franchise. Created by user L-DI-EGO, the set would feature Samus Aran and her iconic Gunship, a captive Metroid, Ridley, two Zebesian Space Pirates, and a mystery figure that will be revealed when the page reaches 9900 supporters. It looks every bit as impressive as the Zelda LEGO Ideas design that's also been getting a lot of attention, of late. Clearly, Nintendo fans are looking for more LEGO sets following the Mario line that debuted last year!

An image of the set can be found below, and more images can be found at the LEGO Ideas page right here.

Metroid LEGO 2
(Photo: LEGO)

Overall, the design is really interesting! Samus' Gunship looks quite faithful to the one that has appears in the series, and the Zebesian Space Pirates look fantastic, as well. While the image above showcases two colors for the creatures, the design page features a number of alternate color options based on different games. Samus herself is also represented quite well in LEGO form. L-DI-EGO's design page features a number of potential looks for Samus' helmet, with the ideal one being a completely new part, as opposed to an existing LEGO piece.

Of course, the biggest highlight here has to be Ridley. Samus' longtime nemesis is one of the most iconic elements of the franchise, and possibly Samus' greatest enemy (though it's a toss-up with Mother Brain). It's hard to imagine a Metroid set without the creature, and it's awesome to see him represented here. According to L-DI-EGO, the Ridley design uses BIONICLE/Mixel ball joints, which they tested with actual pieces, in order to make sure that the villain would be sturdy enough.

The Metroid franchise has a faithful fanbase, but it's hard to say whether or not it will be able to gain the attention necessary to succeed. The page is currently at 7,091 supporters as of this writing, and it will need 10,000 before LEGO will consider it. However, L-DI-EGO's set still has 514 days to reach that goal, so if you want to see the design considered, head on over to their page and show your support!

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