PlayStation Boss Teases Exciting Things For 2019

Sony Interactive Entertainment may be skipping E3 2019, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have [...]


Sony Interactive Entertainment may be skipping E3 2019, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have anything exciting going on next year.

In case you missed it, Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios, Shawn Layden, made an appearance last night at The Game Awards alongside Xbox boss Phil Spencer and Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime. All three appeared on stage together in a kumbaya-like moment. However, while the latter two appeared later on during the show, Layden didn't, except when giving a hug to God of War director Cory Barlog after it won Game of the Year.

That said, some PlayStation fans were disappointed that Layden and Sony didn't talk about the PlayStation brand at the show. Taking to Twitter, Layden responded to one of these fans, assuring everybody that PlayStation won't be hiding in 2019.

Now, Layden doesn't come out and explicitly tease anything, but the fact that he responded to the Tweet in the first place with "see you in the new year" suggests that the company has something special brewing for 2019. Why else would you respond to a semi-random tweet expressing disappointment by teasing 2019, if said year didn't store some exciting things ahead?

It's possible Layden could simply be alluding to the possibly killer line-up of PlayStation 4 games Sony has coming in 2019. We already know we are getting Days Gone and Dreams, and probably Death Stranding. But The Last of Us Part II could also arrive by the end of the year, as well as Ghost of Tsushima. In other words, it could be another massive year for PlayStation 4 exclusives.

Anyway, who knows what Layden is teasing with the above tweet, but it's seemingly something exciting. The reveal of the PlayStation 5? PlayStation VR 2? A follow-up to the PlayStation Vita? Or just a killer line-up of games? I'm not sure, but Layden suggests 2019 stores something pretty substantial for PlayStation fans.

Luckily, 2018 is almost over, and 2019 is only a few weeks away. This year was a huge year for PlayStation from a software perspective, but both Xbox and Nintendo are out making big moves that go beyond software, especially the former, and so you suspect PlayStation might start doing the same soon.