PlayStation: Back of PS5 Game Boxes Revealed

We’ve seen artwork for next-gen PlayStation 5 games more than once by now, but so far, those reveals have focused only on the front of the boxes. Thanks to some new images from Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford showing off the box for Godfall, we now have a new look at what the back of the boxes will look like. We can also see now that Godfall is physically boxed up and ready to ship to PlayStation 5 owners whenever the game and the console release next month.

Pitchford shared some images of the Godfall box from his own Twitter account to show what it looked like. Pretty much every image of PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X box art we’ve seen before has been just artwork for the box and not an actual photo, so this appears to be the first time that we’ve seen a PlayStation 5 game like this boxed, shrink-wrapped, and later opened to show what’s inside.

Judging from the back of the Godfall box, it looks like the other side of the PlayStation 5 cases won’t look too different from those we’ve seen in the current generation. It devotes a little over half the box to information and graphics from the game to detail key takeaways about Godfall while the lower portion of the box has all the disclaimers, warnings, and legal talk that you’d normally gloss over when checking out the case.

It also still details the key bits of information people need to know about playing the next-gen games such as how many players it supports, whether it requires a PlayStation Plus subscription or not, and how much space it’ll take up once installed. For those looking forward to using the DualSense controller on all your PlayStation 5 games, there’s also a special label on the back that shows when trigger effects and unique vibration functions are employed.


Two of the other labels on the box that say “No Offline Mode” and “PlayStation Plus Subscription Required” may sound like they conflict with each other if you’ve been keeping up with Godfall news in the buildup to its launch. To clarify the situation, the official Godfall Twitter account confirmed that if you’re playing solo, you do not need a PlayStation Plus account.

Godfall will launch on the PlayStation 5 and on the Epic Games Store on November 12th.