PlayStation Quietly Shuts Down a Game's Servers With No Warning

PlayStation has quietly shut down the servers of one of its games with no warning. More [...]

PlayStation has quietly shut down the servers of one of its games with no warning. More specifically, if you're wondering why you can no longer play an online match of Killzone: Mercenary on PlayStation Vita, it's because servers have been shut down. Reports of the servers being turned off began to flood in this morning, and we've since confirmed with PlayStation Support that the servers have indeed been shut off.

Despite releasing back in 2013, and despite being a PlayStation Vita game, Killzone: Mercenary has retained a small, but fairly active playerbase over the years who are upset to not only see its servers go, but go with no warning. PlayStation has shut down the servers of much newer games in the past, but it usually will issue a warning ahead of time. Just last year PlayStation shut down the servers of Driveclub, but it gave players plenty of notice.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear why Sony shut down the game's servers and why it didn't issue a notice ahead of time. For now, the PlayStation makers have not commented on the situation.

Killzone: Mercenary debuted back in September 2013 via the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation Vita only. In 2013, Killzone was very much still a relevant series, but being stranded on the failed PlayStation portable meant it was quickly forgotten.

As you may know, it was the fifth entry in the series and was developed by Guerrilla Cambridge, which has since been shut down.

At the moment of publishing, Killzone: Mercenary is available on the PlayStation Store for $20, and its listing makes no note of its servers being shut off. In fact, the listing makes a direct reference to the game's "substantial multiplayer offering."

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