PlayStation Fans Warned That Sony Is Ending Its Rewards Program

Sony Rewards users have until the end of 2024 to use their remaining points.

PlayStation fans have been warned roughly six months in advance that its Sony Rewards program is coming to an end. Back in 2017, Sony introduced its own PlayStation-branded credit card that could be used to not only make everyday purchases, but said purchases would accrue one points as part of Sony Rewards. These points could then be used to redeem various items, some of which were gift cards for the PlayStation Store. Now, this program is set to come to an end at the conclusion of 2024, which means that members of the service don't have much longer to cash in their remaining points. 

Announced on Sony's own website recently, the tech corporation revealed that Sony Rewards is set to be shuttered on December 31, 2024. Prior to that time, though, points that users can earn has ended effective immediately. This means that even if you have a PlayStation or Sony credit card, you'll no longer be able to add to your point total that may exist as part of Sony Rewards. Any points that aren't used before the end of the year will then expire by the start of 2025. Sony is also 

As for the reason behind this shuttering of Sony Rewards, an explanation wasn't provided. Sony simply said that it would no longer be accepting new applicants to the program while giving this warning to existing members. Furthermore, it was made clear that the current Sony Rewards website and application will disappear completely by the end of 2024. So even if you try to access Sony Rewards in 2025, there will be no way to do so any longer. 

It's worth stressing that Sony Rewards is not the same thing as PlayStation Stars, which is a similar service that Sony provides. PlayStation Stars also allows members to rack up points that can then be used to earn discounts or "free" money on the PlayStation Store. In recent weeks, though, PS Stars has been unavailable due to issues with the service. Sony has said that it's still looking into a fix for the matter, but at the time of this writing, PS Stars remains down. 

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