PlayStation Gives Update on Upcoming PS5 Games

The coronavirus pandemic has led to considerable difficulties for video game companies. While most publishers and developers have shifted over to work-from-home procedures, the reality is that game development is a difficult and time-consuming process, and many companies are still adjusting to the new dynamic. Fortunately, PlayStation fans can breathe easy, as Sony has provided an update on the development of PlayStation 5 games, and things are apparently proceeding according to plan. The news comes from Sony's Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Results for the end of the fiscal year. Additionally, it seems that the PS5 console itself is still on-pace to release this year.

In its financial statements, Sony does acknowledge that the pandemic has created some complications for the company, but these appear to be minor, which should come as a relief to fans looking forward to the system's launch later this year. While Sony directly references games in-development from their first-party studios and partners' studios, the company has been quiet publicly regarding upcoming PS5 games. That will, of course, change in the months leading up to the console's launch, but details remain fairly slim regarding what games fans can expect on the system.

PlayStation fans can certainly be forgiven for assuming that some PS5 games might see a delay. After all, several PlayStation 4 exclusive games have endured delays as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, including The Last of Us Part II, Marvel's Iron Man VR, and Ghost of Tsushima. Fortunately, none of those delays have proven to be too significant, as all three games have been given new release dates, and can be expected within the next few months. Other publishers have faced similar issues, and have cited working from home as a reason for delays.

Despite these industry-wide issues, PlayStation isn't the only company feeling confident about its launch this year. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also stated that the Xbox Series X is still on-pace to release during the holiday 2020 window. Spencer was careful to temper expectations, as changes in the global situation could force the company to delay the console, but it certainly looks like the two systems will be going head-to-head later this year!

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