Star Wars Episode I: Racer Delayed Again on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

The Star Wars franchise has provided gamers with a number of awesome experiences over the years, and Star Wars Episode I: Racer is perhaps one of the most beloved. Released on Nintendo 64 and PC in 1999, the game expands on one of the biggest moments from the Star Wars prequels. As such, many fans were excited when a remastered version of the game was announced for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The latter version was supposed to arrive on May 12th, but the game has been delayed by publisher Aspyr. In a tweet, Aspyr attributed the delay to the coronavirus pandemic, and work-from-home requirements. The publisher has not announced a new release date for the game, as of this writing.

While the podracing scene from Episode I focused predominantly on Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba, Star Wars Episode I: Racer gives players 25 total racers to choose from. In addition to Tatooine, the game also allowed players to race across other Star Wars locales, including Malastare, Ando Prime, and Oovo IV. Finally, the game features voice actors from the film, including Jake Lloyd and Lewis MacLeod, who portrayed Anakin and Sebulba, respectively.

Over the last few months, the coronavirus pandemic has posed a major problem for publishers. While many have been quick to adapt to remote work, others have struggled. Many Star Wars fans will be saddened by the delay, but these types of issues could become increasingly common in the coming months.

A delay for the PlayStation 4 version was announced at the end of April, but Aspyr's tweet seems to imply that the PlayStation 4 version will be pushed back further. Whether that means the game will still release later than the Nintendo Switch version is currently unknown, though it does seem likely. When it does release, Star Wars Episode I: Racer will retail for $14.99.

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