New PlayStation VR Patent Hints at Upgraded PS5 Device

Sony filed a patent for a new PlayStation VR headset that looks like it could very well be an upgraded version planned for a release around the PlayStation 5. The most notable difference between the current PlayStation VR setup and what’s shown in the patent is that the upgraded product could be wireless and would have its own power supply. This new device also puts the cameras on the peripherals themselves with those placed on the headset and a controller.

LetsGoDigital found the patent in question which can be seen in full here. An image below that’s taken from the patent shows what the HMD might look like when someone’s wearing it as they face towards a TV with a controller in-hand. The “1280” component of the image indicates that there’d still be another camera in the room in addition to those on the controller and the headset itself to assist in registering players’ movements when they’re using the VR gear.

PSVR 2 Patent
(Photo: LetsGoDigital)

It looks quite similar to a setup PSVR owners have in their home already with the current version, but the lack of cords connecting the headset to the console itself is a noticeable change. Anyone who’s used this time of VR setup or a similar one for any length of time can probably attest to how immersive the sensation is, but one of the quickest ways to have yourself pulled from the VR world is stepping on a cord or having to adjust one so that it’s not wrapped around your leg. Removing the wires from the equation and instead communicating with the console via Bluetooth could be a significant selling point for anyone who’s still on the fence about VR or those who just want to upgrade their setup.


As Eurogamer pointed out, there’s another interesting detail mentioned in the patent. A “Transparent” view was referenced which would allow people to use the cameras on the headset to see your surroundings even when using the headset. This would bring the VR tech more in the realm of augmented reality and would give developers unique ways to incorporate the feature into their games.

Like other patents, this device may or may not come to fruition in the version that we see it in here. We recently learned a lot about the PlayStation 5, so it’s easy to believe this updated PSVR product could be planned for a launch alongside the next console, but it could very well be released earlier for those on the PlayStation 4.

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