Sealed Pokemon Game Stuns Fan After Being Missing for Over 20 Years

A Pokemon fan was shocked recently when their parents revealed a present they had lost more than 20 years ago: a sealed copy of Pokemon Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy! The story was shared over on Reddit by user Lanai, who also shared an image of the game looking every bit as pristine as it did when it released in North America in 1998. As many users have since pointed out, sealed copies of the game are worth a significant amount of money on eBay. A 9.4 graded copy can be found right now for around $20,000, and it's not hard to imagine this copy receiving a similar grade if not even better.

Lanai's original Reddit post can be found embedded below:

My parents called and asked if I was interested in a new Pokemon game. Wasn’t exactly expecting this one. from r/gaming

The earliest Pokemon merchandise tends to go for really high amounts at the moment, particularly if it has received a high grade. However, it's worth noting that Lanai stated that they have no plans to sell the game. In a follow-up post, the Reddit user explained that their parents intended to give them the game as a birthday gift. When it got lost, they bought them a copy of Pokemon Red, instead. Lanai went into detail about just how much the Pokemon franchise has meant to them, and all of the great memories they have playing the games with family members. As such, the gift is much more meaningful than the money!

Given the massive popularity of Pokemon Red and Blue, it's not surprising that sealed copies are worth so much. After all, most people that bought the game were more likely to crack it open to play, rather than keep sealed. In fact, this is why many older games tend to sell for so much among collectors!


It's really nice to hear stories like this one. In a time when everyone seems to be looking for Pokemon merchandise that can be flipped for big money, a long-time fan of the franchise was given the kind of gift that anyone would be more than happy to have! Perhaps Lanai will eventually decide to sell, but for now, they have an incredible new piece for their Pokemon collection.

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