New Pokemon Build-a-Bear Coming This Month

Build-A-Bear will be releasing a new Pokemon plush later this month. The popular company confirmed that it would be releasing another Pokemon plush on November 12th via an email newsletter sent out via fans. No additional details were provided, but the website Pokeshopper states that the next plush will be Flareon, the Fire-type evolution of Eevee. Flareon made a cameo appearance in Detective Pikachu earlier this year, and is a perennially popular Pokemon as both an "original" Pokemon that appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue and as one of several "Eeveelutions."

Build-A-Bear has built up a successful line of Pokemon plushes, which include Pokemon like Pikachu, Vulpix, Snorlax, and Psyduck. These Pokemon come with special outfits that owners can dress the Pokemon in and also have optional voice boxes that give the Pokemon the ability to say their Pokemon cry (which happens to be their name repeated over and over.) Most Build-a-Bear Pokemon plushes also come with a promotional Pokemon Trading Card. The standard price for a Pokemon Build-A-Bear plush is $28, with accessories costing extra.

Today's announcement of a new Pokemon plush comes as a bit of a surprise as the company released a Pichu plush just a few weeks ago. This will be the fifth Build-A-Bear Pokemon plush released this year, and more are rumored to come out soon. Whether this means more Eeveelutions, or perhaps some Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games remains to be seen.


Expect more details about the upcoming plush to be announced shortly.