Pokemon Charizard Card Worth $75k Discovered During YouTube Unboxing

Vintage Pokemon cards have seen a massive increase in interest over the last year, with the original Base Set being the one valued the most. As any longtime fan can tell you, Charizard has always been the most sought-after card in the set, and earlier versions go for extremely large amounts on sites like eBay. YouTuber Lee "Leonhart" Steinfeld knows that all too well, which is why he understandably freaked out after pulled a shadowless Charizard card in his final pack during an unboxing! As Dexerto notes, a PSA graded 10 Charizard sold for $75,000 at a PWCC auction earlier this year.

"A Charizard in the last pack, baby," Leonhart screamed. "Oh God, I got to stop, I got to stop, I'm gonna faint here!" The video can be found embedded below, and the final pack opening takes place around the 1:22:00 mark.

For those less familiar with the original Pokemon Base Set, earlier cards in the series featured some notable differences from later printings. First Edition cards are the most valuable, but shadowless cards also see a lot of interest from collectors. Those cards featured no "shadow" around the edges of the card art. The numbers representing the Pokemon's HP are also less full. A running change was later made to the cards, adding the shadow, and offering fuller numbers for the Pokemon's HP.

Now, it's worth noting that there is no way of knowing that Leonhart's Charizard card would receive a PSA 10 grade. The fact that it comes straight out of the box would lead some to assume it would receive a perfect score, but it's impossible to say for certain. Back in May, streamer Ludwig Ahgren revealed that he had submitted 400 Pokemon cards to PSA for review, and was surprised to find how many were scored 9 instead of 10. That can make a huge difference in a card's overall value, so Leonhart will just have to wait and see what happens should he choose to get his Charizard graded. Regardless, it's an amazing pull, and one that all Pokemon fans can surely be jealous of!

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[H/T: Dexerto]