Will Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes Be Announced for Nintendo Switch This Week?

Today, Nintendo announced that it will host a special Pokemon-centric Direct this Thursday. Unfortunately, it didn't divulge any further details, which has caused fans of the franchise to take to social media with their theories and requests. The most common prediction is that we will get information on Pokemon Home, and this seems like a no brainer. Beyond this, many are speculating/hoping that Nintendo announces the rumored Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. As you may know, there's been speculation that remakes of the generation 4 games are currently in the works for the Nintendo Switch, however, I can't see Nintendo announcing these only a couple months after the release of Sword and Shield.

Beyond the aforementioned predictions and requests, many are suggesting we could see a new spin-off game, likely for mobile phones. Meanwhile, others think we could be getting some big Sword and Shield announcements, like the addition of the National Pokedex.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think. Do you think Nintendo will announce Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes for Nintendo Switch this week? Would you play remakes of the fourth generation games or would you rather see some other older Pokemon games get the remake treatment?


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