Pokemon Adds Two New Games to Facebook Gaming

The Pokemon Company has added two new games to the Facebook Gaming platform. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company added Pokemon Tower Battle and Pokemon Medallion Battle to Facebook Gaming, a free-to-play gaming platform accessible through Facebook. Pokemon Tower Battle is a "physics battle" game in which two players compete to stack Pokemon on top of each other until they fall. The game uses static images of Pokemon, but players can collect new Pokemon over time and level up their Pokemon that they use in the tower game. Players also have a chance of summoning rare Pokemon, which can then be permanently added to a player's rotation if they are successfully stacked. The game also uses a seasonal ranking system that resets periodically. A trailer for the new game, which is available online, can be seen above.


Pokemon Medallion Battle involves collecting medallions and using them to battle other players. The game uses a simplified battle system that uses a toned down typing mechanic similar to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Players build a team of six Pokemon with different rarities and then uses them to win gym badges and battle their friends. New Pokemon will be added to the game every month. Currently, Pokemon Medallion Battle is only available in the Asia-Pacific area, excluding Vietnam and Oceania.

The new games represent The Pokemon Company's latest step in expanding their footprint outside of traditional Nintendo consoles. The Pokemon Company has dabbled in mobile games for years, with mixed success. This marks the first time that Pokemon has released games through Facebook Gaming, which is integrated within Facebook's massive platform.