Someone Threw a Strange Pokemon Plush to a Figure Skater at the Olympics

An Austrian figure skater received a very spooky gift from a fan at the Winter Olympics.

A Redditor pointed out last night that Miriam Ziegler came off the ice holding a Gengar plush after her pairs performance last night. The plush was a bit of a strange gift, considering that Ziegler hasn't made any public mention about being a Pokemon fan. However, as the screencap below shows, she certainly seemed pretty happy to receive the Pokemon plush as she made her way off the ice.

Someone threw a gengar plush down on the ice after after Austria's pair performance from r/pokemon

Gengar was one of the original Ghost-Type Pokemon, a dangerous spirit that could enter a person's shadow and steal their life force. While Gengar is a popular Pokemon, its Pokedex entries are often unnerving as they reference Gengar's penchant for stalking and killings its prey. Gengar has made appearances in every Pokemon game and even has its own dangerous and powerful Mega Evolution, which makes it even more likely to curse its trainer.

Gengar can only be obtained by trading a Haunter to another player, which spurred one Redditor to ask whether the unknown fan had actually tossed a Haunter plush onto the ice.

Ziegler is a former Austrian national champion and previously competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Ziegler and her partner Severin Kiegler have been performing together since 2014. The pair also made news for performing their routine to a cover of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" from the British movie Sunshine on Leith, which featured songs from the cult classic band The Proclaimers.

Unfortunately, Ziegler's new friend might have cursed her instead of giving her good luck. Ziegler's pair performance only earned a score of 58.80, which wasn't high enough to qualify for the next program. That means that Ziegler's Olympics are at an end. At least she still came away with one souvenir, something that's a bit creepier than a Gold Medal.