Pokemon Go Adds 8-Bit Graphics for April Fool's Day

pogo 8bit

Pokemon Go is having a bit of fun for April Fool's Day.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go switched up many of their in-game models with 8-bit graphics as a fun April Fool's Day prank.

"We always want to bring you the most immersive graphics experience possible, and we’re excited to share our latest breakthrough with millions of Pokémon GO Trainers around the world," the Pokemon Go team wrote on their blog.

"Experience Pokémon GO like never before with cutting-edge 8-BIT GRAPHICS! Registering approximately twice the definition of 4K, the chunky squares of each pixel provide realistic detail and unbelievable definition. Your Pokédex will feel lifelike in ways previously unimagined on any handheld device ever created."

Sure enough, Pokemon Go replaced the 3D models usually seen in the PokeDex and nearby tracker with 8-Bit graphics. Fans may recognize the graphics from the selection screens in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Notably, Pokemon Go did not add Shiny versions of the sprites, so players might want to be careful when transferring Pokemon (although they still can't mass transfer Shinies and will receive a warning when doing so.)

Not every model has changed in Pokemon Go though. Players can still see the original animated 3D sprites on the overworld map, in gyms, and in encounter screens. Tapping on a Pokemon in the PokeDex or Pokemon screen will also show the 3D model.

While Pokemon Go didn't outright say this was an April Fool's Day prank, the timing is a bit suspect. Judging from the joking manner of the blogpost announcing the change, we'd guess that this change is just temporary and will revert early next week.

While April Fool's Day has lost a lot of its luster on the Internet, players can actually thank the goofy holiday for the existence of Pokemon Go. The popular mobile game can trace its origin to a Google April Fool's Day prank in which players could "find" Pokemon by using Google Maps.


Pokemon Go thinks the feature will be well received, at least for the next day or so. "We feel 100% confident in saying that you’ve never seen Pokémon like this in Pokémon GO!" their blogpost reads. "We’re looking forward to your feedback on this brand-new feature. Tell us your thoughts on our latest update with #PokemonGO, and be sure to include a picture of your favorite Pokémon!"

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