Pokemon Go Adding Welcome Change Ahead of Shinx Community Day

As any Pokemon Go player can attest, sometimes it can be a pest clearing out storage. Whether it's items or Pokemon, players are often forced to make tough decisions in order to make space. Luckily, Niantic has announced that it will once again up the storage limits for Pokemon and items. This week, players will be able to store up to 5,000 Pokemon and 4,000 items, in total. To do that, players will have to spend some PokeCoins, of course. An extra 50 item spots costs 200 PokeCoins, and an extra 50 Pokemon spots costs the same. This update merely increases the maximum number of upgrades players can purchase. 

Of course, the timing for this update couldn't be better! On Sunday November 21st, Pokemon Go will be hosting a Shinx Community Day. The Pokemon was selected to coincide with this week's release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on Nintendo Switch. Niantic has also stated that it will increase the limits for Pokemon and items again in December, ahead of that month's Community Day. The numbers will increase to 5,500 Pokemon and 4,500 items.

In all likelihood, most players probably will never need that amount of storage space! However, Community Day offers much better odds of obtaining Shiny Pokemon, so players spend a lot of time catching what they can during the specified window. By continually increasing storage in the game, Niantic makes it less likely that players will have to keep stopping to free up more space.

Players looking to expand their space in the game have two different options for making those purchases. PokeCoins can be bought using real-world money, or they can be earned. By putting a Pokemon in a Gym that corresponds with their team, players can earn one coin every 10 minutes that the Pokemon remains there. A total of 50 coins can be earned by the player each day, regardless of how many Gyms they place Pokemon at. Some Gyms have high turnover rates, but it's a great way to earn coins without spending real cash!

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