'Pokemon Go' Celebrates Second Anniversary With Summer-Style Pikachu, Mythical Pokemon Announcement

Pokemon Go is celebrating its second birthday with a brand-new costumed Pikachu, new clothing items for players, and the reveal that a new Mythical Pokemon will be added in the near future.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go posted a blogpost about its plans to celebrate its second anniversary, which begins on July 6th. As with last year's birthday event, a new costumed version of Pikachu and Pichu will appear to celebrate the game's birthday. This time, Pikachu will rock a "Summer Style" outfit complete with a straw hat and sunglasses. The special Pikachu will appear between now and July 31st. As with last summer, Pichu and Pikachu will start appearing much more frequently as part of the event.

Game developers also confirmed that the Mythical Pokemon Celebi would be added to the game as a new Special Research reward in the near future. Dataminers leaked that Celebi would be part of the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest, but the blogpost confirmed that Celebi would be available to all players soon.

Finally, Pokemon Go announced that new clothing items would be available for purchase. Players who have earned the gold Pikachu Fan medal will be able to purchase new Pikachu-themed avatar items, including a set of Pikachu ears. This continues a trend of adding new coordinating costume choices for obtaining certain in-game medals.


Last year's Anniversary event involved the appearance of "Ash Hat" Pikachu, a special Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum's first hat from the Pokemon anime. Although fans were less than thrilled about the anniversary event, it was followed up by the introduction of Legendary Pokemon to the game just a few weeks later. While it's doubtful that Pokemon Go has anything quite that big planned for later this month, a new Mythical Pokemon should be enough to get fans excited for the rest of the summer.

The second anniversary event begins tomorrow and runs through the end of the month. We'll have continued coverage on any surprises Pokemon Go has for the new event later this week.