Pokemon Go Announces New AR+ Mode for Apple Devices Only

Pokemon Go's new augmented reality mode is coming exclusively to Apple devices.

Niantic officially announced a new "AR+" feature for Pokemon Go earlier today, but with the surprising reveal that the new feature would only be available on iPhones and iPads. The new "AR+" mode uses Apple's bolstered ARKit technology to show Pokemon interacting with "the real world" in a more realistic fashion. Flying Pokemon will be shown in the air, while other Pokemon will run along the ground.

The new AR+ mode will also feature a new way to catch Pokemon. When a player turns on the AR+ mode on, virtual bushes will appear on flat surfaces in the game. Players will have to find a Pokemon by tapping on the bushes. Once the Pokemon officially appears, it will remain at a fixed location so players can "sneak up" on it. Moving too fast will cause a detection meter to flash red, and players will lose on the chance to gain an "expert handler" bonus that gives more XP and Stardust for a successful catch.

Niantic also noted that the new AR+ mode uses significantly less battery than before as it better utilizes Apple's hardware and the new ARKit than the original AR mode.

Unfortunately, Android users will not initially have access to the AR+ mode. Niantic announced the new features as a "partnership" with Apple and pushed speculation about a similar feature for Android devices for a later date.


The new mode should roll out in the coming days, and iPhone/iPad players can test it out by running through a quick tutorial on the new feature.